Don’t go to the dark side. Their cookies are stale.

I believe science should be fun to work with and read about, and for most part, all that is science IS fun. I mean, look at that face. That’s not a fake smile. But as you might come to realise after reading some of my blog posts, there are things that I won’t write about on this blog, for the simple reason that someone might steal them.

Banksy style Darth Vader by unknown.

I’m talking of course about my results and conclusions and anything that’s not published yet. I’ve not yet decided if it is a good thing or a bad thing that there is so much competition within the scientific field. The positives include that it makes us work harder to publish good science at a pace as fast as possible. However, some people take credit for other people’s work and ideas and cheat by fabricating data.

This is not science! At least it shouldn’t be.

Especially the fabricating data part. That doesn’t contribute to finding out anything, it’ll only hinder the progress of that research field and sadly cast a bad light over real science and real scientists.  Why are you even bothering with being a scientist if you’re going to just fake everything?! I could rant about this for way too long, but I hope I’ve made my point. Please don’t take from this that there are heaps of these duds. I believe that most of us are genuinely curious and interested in our scientific fields and do our utmost to produce sound and valid research and data.

Another dark side of science is the difficulty in publishing “bad data”. By that I mean when you’ve done some sound work with experiments and you’ve analysed the data, but there are for example no changes between the control cells and the cells you’ve exposed to bacterial bits and bobs. They are “negative results”. These are still results, but you’ll have a hard time publishing them. This means that there might be loads of us doing exactly the same work because we’ve no clue someone else has already done it and found that there is no effect!

The kind of p-value you don’t want to see.

Together these two points; the cheating bastards and the difficulties with publishing negative results, are the worst aspects of working in the scientific field. Thankfully, there are so many positive aspects that it blows all the negative out of the water. Hopefully, I’ll show you billions of these positives in future blog posts, even if you don’t get to see the innermost secrets of my scientific work.

Now here’s a snap of Ziggy trying to eat some literature to end this blog post on a proper positive note..

All the best,

Ragna xoxo

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