Welcome to this love affair of a science blog! I’m really excited that you’re here. Most of the content you’ll find on this blog is going to be related to my PhD project, which is diabetes type 2 and the microbiota, with some proper sciencing going on.

You’ll also find posts on topics that fascinate me, so if you, like me, love all things science, this is the blog for you. Some of the content will however be the mere day to day musings of a half neurotic PhD student who loves science, but is freaking out about her time running out..

To find out more about the blog, me and why the hell I’m here, head on over to “about”. Also, I’d love for you to leave comments and feedback as well as letting me know of any topics you would like for me to cover.

You can also follow me on instagram and twitter for some daily bite sized LadyBuggness.

Finally, Happy New Year! May 2017 be an awesome year for all of us!!!

All the best,



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