Don’t go to the dark side. Their cookies are stale.

I believe science should be fun to work with and read about, and for most part, all that is science IS fun. I mean, look at that face. That’s not a fake smile. But as you might come to realise after reading some of my blog posts, there are things that I won’t write about on this blog, for the simple reason that someone might steal them. Continue reading

Comrades! To the lab!

Now you know about why I’m doing all this research, but what do I actually do?

Simply put, I take some skeletal muscle cells, which are cells from the type of muscle you can move voluntarily, such as your arms or the side of your stomach, or your thighs. These cells are from ACTUAL real life humans, and I grow them in a plastic (petri) dish until they start looking like muscle would look like under the microscope. Continue reading